About me

  • Working online from home in the fields of e-commerce and e-marketing has always been a dream for every Arab person especially youth. By using the power of the internet that dream is no longer fiction but reality. Dr. Khaled Mohamed Khaled, being an expert and a professional advisor in e-commerce and e-marketing, has taken responsibility to spread this science among all Arabs. He wrote an encyclopedia for e-commerce to be one of its kind including 12 books so he received many phone calls and emails from people who actually used his methods to make money online to thank him.
  • This journey continued until the year 2006 in which number of students graduated from Cairo University who finished their studies under Dr. Khaled Mohamed Khaled supervision thousands of youth who were from many countries of the Arab world so they contributed in spreading the word everywhere.
  • The e-commerce center being built to satisfy needs of every student in the fields of e-marketing and e-commerce made a huge difference in the life of people inside and outside Egypt. Dr. Khaled Mohamed Khaled was very keen on founding a new generation of leaders and trainers who can continue his message among the Arab world.
  • It is a story of inspiration, hard-work and persistence which made a clear example on how our youth can change their lives by simply moving to the internet and using its limitless powers.